Nordik-Bud LLC
implements design and construction and installation work

Our company created in 2005 for realization of design and construction and erection works in oil and gas, petrochemical industry, power engineering and other branches of production.

Professional approach to each stage, the qualitative performance of the undertaken obligations, the maximum responsibility for the results of the project and the effective use of customer funds are the main the principles of the Nordic-Bud company.

To solve these the enterprise is equipped with motor vehicles, construction machines and mechanisms, lifting vehicles, technological equipment and hand tools.

Using many years of experience and the introduction of modern technologies in the construction process allows a team of specialists of the enterprise to assume the task of building various objects directions of economic activity and with honor to perform them.

Enterprise has to has a permanent staff of highly skilled professionals who work successfully many years on the construction of facilities in the oil and gas industry, in the energy sector, industrial and civil engineering.

Production Indicators
The numbers speak for themselves


years of successful work in the market


km, laid pipelines


implemented projects

~ 105

units of equipment


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